Man was warned with CS spray

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A REVELLER who was ejected from a town centre nightclub only calmed down after being threatened with CS spray by police.

Thomas Wright, of Mill Lane, Great Ponton, was with his partner and daughter on a night out in Grantham.

His partner’s daughter got involved in an argument with another woman and as a result, Wright was part of a group of four people who were ejected from the club.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, told the court Wright then came to the attention of police. He said: “The defendant was gesticulating with his arms and shouting abuse and threats towards the club and the doormen.”

Mr Wild, defending, told the court Wright became angry after he was assaulted by a doorman.

Once in the back of a police car Wright continued to struggle, causing the police officer to draw her CS spray.

Mr Clare said: “He was told to desist or he would be sprayed. This seemed to work and he calmed down.”

Wright admitted a public order offence and was fined £40. He must pay costs of £85 and a £15 surcharge.

Chairman of magistrates Ros Gulson said: “The fine of £40 is entirely down to your limited means.”