Mum swore in playground of National Junior School in Grantham

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A mother shouted and swore in a school playground in the presence of children, parents and staff, a court heard.

Lisa Moore, of Belmont Grove in Grantham, admitted a charge of causing a nuisance in the grounds of National Junior School, in Castlegate.

Magistrates sitting in Grantham heard how the 34-year-old mother arrived at the school at about 2.55pm on October 17 and demanded to know why she had not been made aware of a meeting in relation to her daughter, who currently lives with an auntie.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “She was asked to leave by the headteacher. She refused to leave and continued to swear.”

Moore was arrested by police.

Defending herself in court, Moore told magistrates any parent would understand why she did what she did on that day, adding that there were no children in the playground and only two parents.

She said: “I did raise my vioce and swear on a couple of occasions but not to be a nuisance. If you were a parent you’d understand that.

“I was upset more than anything. I wasn’t being malicious or anything like that.

“I’m guilty for doing it but I didn’t go down there to cause any trouble.”

Moore, 34, told magistrates how hard she been working to rid herself of previous problems with drugs and alcohol to get her life back on track.

Magistrates handed Moore a six-month conditional discharge and decided to take no action on the breach of a previous conditional discharge. No order for costs was made, but Moore was told to pay a £15 victim surcharge.