North Kesteven to turn off all 12 CCTV cameras to cut costs...but South Kesteven’s 64 cameras are set to stay

CCTV cameras in South Kesteven are monitored from a control room in Grantham.
CCTV cameras in South Kesteven are monitored from a control room in Grantham.
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SOUTH Kesteven District Council has no plans to scrap CCTV cameras - as neighbouring North Kesteven prepares to lose them all.

NKDC announced plans this week to stop monitoring and turn off all of its 12 CCTV cameras in the district, saving the council around £66,000 per year.

However, a SKDC said there are no plans to follow suit and cut any of the 64 CCTV cameras - costing £325,000 per year to run - in the South Kesteven district.

Mark Jones, SKDC’s community safety and licensing manager, said: “There are no plans at this stage to reduce the number of CCTV cameras in South Kesteven.”

News of North Kesteven’s plans to drop all CCTV coverage in the district - which includes Sleaford and North Hykeham - has not gone down well with Lincolnshire Police which is a firm advocate of cameras.

The police force believes CCTV cameras - of which there are around 34 in Grantham - not only help catch criminals but also serve as a deterrent.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “CCTV is an invaluable community safety tool and it has been used on countless occasions to secure the convictions of criminals in the Grantham area.

“It is also a powerful deterrent to people thinking about committing crime in the area.

“It is worth pointing out that it is not just crimes like shop-lifting where it is useful. Nearly all investigations into crimes like murder and rape rely heavily on CCTV evidence these days.

“The systems in Lincolnshire have led to the conviction of a number of dangerous offenders.”

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