Off-road bikers continue to cause trouble in fields on edge of Grantham

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Police news
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Off-road bikes have once again been causing a nuisance on the Dysart Road area of Grantham.

The neighbourhood policing team (NPT) has reported an increase in reports over the last fortnight of bikers riding around the dields behind Durham Close.

Police community support officer Daniel Widdowson said: “We believe they are gaining access from the top of Dysart Road, via Sheepwash Lane, next to the A1.

“Various parts of the field are owned by different land owners; based on the incidents we had earlier in the year we know that these off-road bikers do not have permission to be on these fields. Restrictions were put in place from the last spate of incidents by the land owner of one of the fields.

“The NPT will be contacting the land owner again in regards to these new incidents. Can I ask that if you see any bikes riding on the fields to call the police on 101, giving a description of the bike and rider, also if possible what field they are in.”