Pair ‘remorseful’ after attacking son’s fiance

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A FATHER-of-11 and one of his sons admitted attacking the son’s fiancee on April 14.

Ian Ralph Blanchard, 50, of Belvoir Gardens, Great Gonerby, and Ian David Blanchard, 31, of Goodliff Road, Grantham, were both charged with assault by beating after returning from a night out to the house Blanchard junior shared with his fiancee.

Grantham magistrates heard on Monday how the victim was at home with friends when the Blanchards returned and started shouting about her having friends in the house. They chased two men from the property.

The court heard the victim, who had been drinking, said her future father-in-law pulled her outside on to the grass and then pushed her to the back of the house where he punched her in the face.

At the same time her fiance got into the house and as she ran back into the living room he pushed her, and she fell backwards. As she got up he pushed her again twice. She tried to get away and shouted to her friends to call the police.

Her fiance then pushed her to the corner of the room and picked her up by her throat three times, the court heard.

He then slammed her head twice into the patio door before leaving.

Their four-year-old son, who was upstairs in the house, witnessed some of the violence.

Rory Macmillan, defending Blanchard senior, said the father-of-11 acknowledged his behaviour was unacceptable.

Giles Tyas, defending Blanchard junior, said he was also remorseful. The case was adjourned for reports.