Pals stole diesel in Old Somerby

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A pair of friends who were seen stealing fuel from an oil tank were given conditional discharges by Grantham magistrates on Monday.

Donatas Cesna, 23, of Glamis Road, Nottingham, and Marius Kybartas, 23, of Hucknall Road, Nottingham, admitted stealing diesel from a tank in Old Somerby.

They were spotted by a neighbour on September 17 next to the tank with six large plastic drums. The witness rang the police and, realising the men had fled, she went to stop them at their van, but they abandoned it, leaving it unlocked.

A few hours later they were spotted pacing up and down outside the Premier Inn by a police officer who informed his colleagues.

By the time they attended, Cesna and Kybartas had started walking along the A1. Officers stopped in a lay-by to talk to them but they ran away.

A couple of hours later they were arrested at Sedgebrook.

Cesna had the key to the van with him. He told police he had planned to steal the diesel to sell after seeing the tank on Google Earth.

But Kybartas said he only planned to steal the fuel after seeing it when driving.

Cesca was given a six month conditional discharge, Kybartas was given a nine month conditional discharge. Both were made to pay £85 costs.