Partner subjected to violent attack in Grantham home

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A CONCERNED woman woke up her hung-over partner after a night of drinking only for him to launch into a violent attack.

Carl Trubshaw, 28, of Grantham, whose address we cannot publish for legal reasons, was woken by his partner after he had been sick during the night.

Mr Wood, prosecuting, said the victim was “concerned for his health because he had had quite a lot to drink”.

She tapped him on the arm and face with increasing force in an attempt to wake him.

Mr Wood said: “She woke him in an agitated state and he immediately set about slapping and punching.”

The victim collected her child and left the room, but the attack continued.

Mr Wood said: “He followed and continued the assault on her.”

The victim was left with a cut head and swelling.

Trubshaw admitted assault by beating.

The case was adjourned until September 7 for a pre-sentence report.

Trubshaw was released on unconditional bail.