Passenger booted off train at Grantham after being ‘loud and hostile’

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BRITISH Transport Police officers forced a man travelling home to Leeds off a train at Grantham after he used threatening behaviour, a court heard.

Grantham magistrates heard how Jason Thompson, of Ashfield Road in Morley, Leeds, was removed from the train on March 24.

Thompson, 40, was travelling with rowdy Leeds United fans following a game in London. In a bid to prevent trouble, BTP officers were also on board the train.

The court heard how Thompson was one of several spoken to by officers about his language and behaviour, which was described by prosecutor Daniel Paulson as “loud and hostile”. He was said to have shouted and sworn “in front of a full carriage of passengers”, prompting police to remove him and arrest him at the train station, the court was told.

Representing himself, Thompson told the magistrates that he was not arrested until three months later at his home address in Leeds, and that after explaining the situation to station staff at Grantham he was allowed on the next train to Leeds.

He told the court that he had not been singing and swearing along with Leeds United fans, but had instead been playing cards with the seven-year-old son of a friend.

He said: “All I did was try to diffuse the situation. There was no need for the train manager to bring the police back.”

Thompson told magistrates he had not been part of the gang watching the football, but had instead been visiting a friend in London before joining back up with friends to journey home.

Despite admitting the charge of using threatening behaviour, Thompson told the court: “I had nothing to do with it but I’m pleading guilty so I’ll be dealt with today rather than come back to Grantham.”

Magistrates granted Thompson a 12-month condition discharge and ordered him to pay £43 for prosecution costs.