Police discovered a knuckle duster in teenager’s pocket

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A KNUCKLE duster found in the pocket of a man was claimed to have been found in a Grantham pub toilet.

Police searched Dario Spencer by chance when looking for a black man in relation to another incident.

It was while on foot patrol in Grantham town centre on August 6 that police stopped Spencer, of Harrowby Close, Grantham. During the search, officers discovered the weapon in his jeans pocket.

Vicky Clarson, defending, said: “Mr Spencer was out with friends in town. They went to Infernos and in the toilet he found the item and foolishly put it in his pocket.

“He did indicate to me that he had intended to hand it to police.

“When police came to arrest him, he did panic and ran off.

“The item was not being used and there were no dangerous circumstances and there was nothing aggravated about these circumstances.”

Spencer, 18, who lives with his step-mum and is studying construction at Grantham College, was given a 12-month community order of 100 hours’ unpaid work, and ordered to pay £40 towards court costs.

Magistrate Kevin Moody said: “We’ve been looking at your report. Cannabis messes with your head. Believe you me, from someone who is older than you, it messes with your head.

“You need to cut down on the alcohol as well.”

Mr Moody also ordered that the knuckle duster be destroyed, adding: “We don’t want that sort of thing back on the streets again.”