Police found £10 worth of cannabis during raid

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A RAID by police on a man’s home uncovered one bag of cannabis with an estimated worth of less than £10.

The drugs were found when police raided the home of Ky Fox in Stamford Street, Grantham.

When officers asked Fox if there was anything they needed to know he pointed them to a “small bit of weed by the side of his bed”.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Fox was co-operative with police officers throughout.

Mr Arthur said: “He effectively pointed out to them a small cannabis bag in his bedroom.

“The police valued the cannabis at £10 but Mr Fox said it was probably worth less than that.”

Mr Arthur said that Fox, 26, would have been cautioned at the police station but, after waiting for 11 hours, he was unwilling to wait any longer for the relevant officer to return to the station so asked to be bailed for a court date.

Mr Arthur said: “He decided to come to court and get the matter dealt with rather than spend any more time in custody.”

Fox was given a six-month conditional discharge with no costs.

Magistrates ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.