Police reassure children and parents with ‘stranger danger’ talks for kids

Police giving talk to kids at Puddleducks Nursery.
Police giving talk to kids at Puddleducks Nursery.
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POLICE have been visiting schools and nurseries like Puddleducks Nursery in Welham Street to speak to children about “stranger danger” and reassure parents.

The town centre neighbourhood police team spend a morning at the nursery every year to help get the children used to seeing police officers.

Following on from last week’s incident at Spitalgate Primary School when a man unsuccessfully tried to lure children away from the school, police also took the opportunity to get across the “stranger danger” message.

PC Simon Wright said: “It is important for children to learn from a young age not to go off with anyone else other than the registered person.

“But obviously it is very secure here at Puddleducks.”

Owner and manager of Puddleducks, Melanie Brickles, said it is important the children get used to seeing the police from such a young age.

She said: “The police come in and talk and play with the kids so the children are not scared of approaching them.”

As part of the visit the children each got to sit in the police van and ask their own questions of PC Simon Wright and PCSO Jackie Fulker.

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