Police tackle off-road biking in Grantham field

Lincolnshire Police news.
Lincolnshire Police news.
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Police say they are tackling off-road bikers in a Grantham field.

A Neighbourhood Policing Team has been dealing with complaints of anti-social behaviour especially with regards to youths riding their bikes on the field behind Durham Close in Grantham.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “We have spoken to the landowners who have put signs up stating that it is private land with no access. They will also be looking at installing CCTV to monitor the anti-social behaviour and any other offences. SKDC are going to try to get the two abandoned cars that are on the field recovered.

“SKDC are also going to speak to Lincolnshire County Council to see if they can put a gate up from Dysart Road onto Sheepwash Lane to deter any future offences although this may prove difficult as it is technically a restricted byway.”

The police say they have not had any reported incidents since July 15. Any incidents of anti-social behaviour and off-road bikes should be reported to police on 101.