Police warn youths to keep out of building sites or risk endangering their lives

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YOUNGSTERS are risking their lives by playing on building sites, fear police.

Inspector Nigel Storey, of Lincolnshire Police, is warning young people of the dangers of breaking into sites in the name of ‘a laugh’.

Two such similar incidents were reported to police on Tuesday, one in Grantham and the second in Bourne.

In Grantham, four youths were seen to climb over the fence of a building site in Edinburgh Road. They were then seen to try to get inside the heavy machinery parked up.

Insp Storey said: “It is possible to have an accident anywhere but my question is why put yourself deliberately in harms way by playing in a ‘high risk’ location?

“Children and young people need to remember that building sites are fenced off for a reason, for example bricks and pipes might fall on them or they might fall into something containing hazardous chemicals.

“The site machinery may resemble something they played with as a child but in inexperienced hands the machinery can be unpredictable and dangerous.”