‘Possessing drugs with a child in the house is not clever’

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HAVING his four-year-old son in the house did not stop a father from storing cannabis in their Grantham home.

Stashes of cannabis bush were found by police officers during a raid on the home of Damian Atkinson in Grantley Street.

Officers found the class B drug in a motorcycle helmet stored on top of a cooker extractor, and inside a Maltesers tin.

Atkinson told police it was a month’s supply for his own use, prosecutor Jill Derby told Grantham magistates.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Atkinson is the sole carer for his four-year-old son, adding: “They live at the address where the incident took place. That’s the reason the items were kept away - he didn’t want it to come into the hands of the child at any stage.”

Magistrate Peter Hinton told Atkinson: “With your family responsibilities, possession of drugs in the house is not exactly a clever thing to do.”

Atkinson was ordered to pay a £95 fine, £85 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.