‘Pretty Woman’ stole £85 from married man while wife was out

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A WOMAN admitted stealing £85 from a married man with whom she said she had a ‘Pretty Woman’ style agreement – but at the 11th hour, the court imposed a last-minute rare gagging order which protects the man’s identity for the next 12 months.

Nicola Coggin, of Harrowby Close, Grantham, took the money from the man’s living room after they had an argument about payment, a court heard on Wednesday, October 26.

Prosecutor Marie Stace said that the man regularly gave Coggin £10 when she visited him.

She said: “She asked him for another £10 but he refused. He gives her money because he feels sorry for her.”

After the argument the man went out into the garden. Coggin, 34, went into the living room, where she saw an opportunity to steal and took an amount of cash.

Miss Stace said: “She was mad with him for not giving her any more money.”

Coggin went to Morrisons where she bought some cigarettes.

She then went on to attend a meeting with Addaction – a drug and alcohol support group.

Rob Arthur, defending, said: “Coggin has known the man for four years. He sees her regularly. She attends while his wife is out shopping. He donates money to her very generously, but she describes it as more of a business relationship. I would put it in terms of perhaps if someone saw the movie Pretty Woman, you would know what I’m talking about.

“This has been an ongoing relationship for four years. Money exchanged hands and there was an argument about further money she felt he owed.”

Mr Arthur said that was the reason she picked up the money and left.

He added that originally the man had claimed she was trespassing.

He said: “She had to come clean and give police the real reason why she was there. The man accepted she was there at his invitation.”

Magistrates ordered Coggin to pay £100 compensation.

The theft put her in breach of a conditional discharge but the magistrates took no action on it.