Prisoner absconded to Grantham to avoid drugs

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A prisoner walked out of North Sea Camp open jail after other inmates pressured him into getting involved with drugs, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Lee Marten was only at the jail for five days but had already put in for a transfer back to a closed prison because of his experiences.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said Marten left during the early hours of 11 May and walked to Boston from where he hitched a lift to his home town of Grantham.

Marten visited his mother and his daughter and later the same day handed himself in at Grantham Police Station.

Mr Scott said Marten was serving a four-year sentence for burglary imposed at Lincoln Crown Court in March 2013.

He added: “When he was arrested he told officers he could not cope with an open prison. He wanted to go back to a closed prison and decided that the best way to do that was to walk out.”

Marten, 28, of no fixed address, admitted escaping from custody on May 11. He was given a three month jail term to run consecutively to the burglary sentence which he is continuing to serve.

Andrew Vout, defending, said Marten was only moved to the open jail after previously serving his sentence at the more secure Stocken Prison.

Mr Vout said: “At North Sea Camp he was being put under pressure to become involved with drugs. He didn’t want to have to deal with that.

“He put in for a transfer but that would take time. This short-circuited matters.

“He was only at large for a few hours and he handed himself in.”