Residents urged to help in fight against anti-social behaviour in Grantham

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A councillor is urging people to help in the fight against anti-social behaviour which has shown signs of increasing in parts of Grantham.

Counciller Ray Wootten, who is chairman of Grantham East Neighbourhood Policing Panel, said incidents of anti-social behaviour in the town are increasing and he has taken the Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick to task on this.

Coun Wootten said: “The number of anti-social behaviour offences has risen in the past month and continues to be an area which affects a large number of people’s lives.”

He added: “Anti-social behaviour in the Harrowby ward, also gives concern and the team are actively looking at it. As SKDC representative of the Lincolnshire Police Panel, I have also taken to task Alan Hardwick to accept that offences are rising compared to this time last year, which he acknowledges.”

Official figures show that cases of anti-social behaviour increased in Lincolnshire from 1,726 in April 2013 to 1,849 in April 2014.

When Coun Wootten asked the commissioner if he was concerned about the figures, Mr Hardwick said: “Yes, of course I am. We are doing all we can to tackle this increase.”

Figures show that there were 48 incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded in the Grantham East area in May, with 30 in April and 48 in March.

In the same periods last year the corresponding figures were 50, 48 and 42.

Coun Wootten said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods. Yet people around the county are still having their everyday lives blighted by anti-social behaviour.

“Many incidents go unreported with victims rarely reporting the first incident they experience.

“Even incidents that appear minor in isolation can have a devastating cumulative impact when part of a persistant pattern of behaviour, and we know that such abuse is often targeted at the most vulnerable members of our society.”

A new Anti-social Behaviour Act is due to come into effect later this year giving local authorities more powers to deal with these offences. Mr Hardwick has launched a public consultation on these new powers and wants victims of these crimes to say how they should be dealt with.

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