‘Scam led me to believe I may have cancer’

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A man who was led to believe he might have cancer by scammers has described them as “evil”.

The 29-year-old Grantham man, who does not wish to be named, was a victim of an email scam which has targeted thousands of people around the country.

Before he received the email, the man had gone for a blood test at Swingbridge Surgery in Grantham to check on his cholestrol levels.

Later he received the email purporting to be from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence ) which said his results could indicate he had cancer. The email asked him to open an attachment with more details on the results, but he could not open the attachment on his iPad.

He said: “These people are pretty evil. They are preying on people’s mortality. It is the harshest thing I can think of. When it is something to do with your health it is hard to resist doing what these things say.

“I assume it was a virus and if I had opened the attachment it would have stolen all my details.”

He later rang his doctors’ surgery and was told by them that another two people had contacted them about the email.

A spokesman for Swingbridge Surgery said the practice would never send out an email containing results and asked patients to ignore attachments.

A spokesman for NICE said: “NICE is aware that a spam email is being sent to members of the public regarding cancer test results. Please be assured that this email is not from NICE and we are investigating its origin. If you have received the email, do not open the attachments.”