Sex attacker was held under citizen’s arrest by Grantham victim and her boyfriend

Sex attacker Jason Hallam, from Boston, is jailed. He was held under citizen's arrest by a Grantham victim.
Sex attacker Jason Hallam, from Boston, is jailed. He was held under citizen's arrest by a Grantham victim.
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A “DANGEROUS” sex attacker has been jailed indefinitely by a judge after he was caught by his Grantham victim and her boyfriend.

The woman immediately dialled 999 after recognising Jason Hallam from his “discoloured teeth and cheap looking glasses”.

She then helped her boyfriend to detain Hallam, of Mill Road, Boston, in a citizen’s arrest until police arrived to arrest him.

Hallam, 27, was apprehended by the woman and her boyfriend when she passed him in a car just hours after he tried to drag her towards a railway underpass in Grantham

During an emotional 999 call she told the operator: “We found the guy, he assaulted me last night,” before adding, “my boyfriend’s sat holding him.”

The woman urged the operator to “please hurry up,” and admitted “I’m so happy right now”.

Hallam was taken to a police station for questioning after a police community support officer rushed to the scene outside Grantham Magistrates’ Court and found him being sat on a wall by the woman and her boyfriend.

Police had been called to the woman’s home the previous night after she reported being sexually assaulted by a stranger with “discoloured teeth and cheap looking glasses,” Lincoln Crown Court heard.

In her 999 call made after the attack she told the operator: “He grabbed me in between my legs, he tried to drag me to the tunnel.”

The woman was subjected to the terrifying attack late in the evening of Valentine’s Day 2011 after walking to a petrol station in Harlaxton Road to do some shopping.

Grace Hale, prosecuting, said that when the woman reached the counter Hallam offered to pay for her goods. She refused Hallam’s offer but he followed her along the street demanding “Just kiss me. Just touch me”.

Hallam then grabbed the woman putting his hand between her legs saying “Have sex with me”. He tried to drag her towards a railway tunnel but a pub landlord, who was walking home after closing up at the Huntingtower Arms, came to her rescue.

The landlord told the court he heard a woman screaming “leave me alone.” and went to investigate. He added: “As soon as she saw me she ran to me. She was just a mess. She was frightened to death.”

The woman’s injuries included an inch-long scratch on the left side of her breast and a red mark near her right breast.

Hallam was charged but then bailed and went on to carry out two further attacks on women before he was finally locked up. In both of the other two cases he approached lone women walking on the streets of his home town of Boston.

During the first incident in December last year Hallam approached a woman on her way home and warned her: “Come with me or I’ll stab you.” The woman ignored Hallam’s threats after noticing a police community support officer nearby.

Four days later Hallam raised his fist to a woman and threatened to kill her after she noticed him following her.

Hallam was convicted by a jury of sexual assault and admitted affray arising from the attacks on the two women in Boston.

He was given an indefinite jail sentence for public protection and will only be released when he is assessed as no longer a threat after Judge Michael Heath branded him “dangerous.”

The judge told him: “All of these three incidents were terrifying for the women concerned. One shudders to think what might have happened but for the arrival of Mr Vine.”

Hallam was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.