Sex offender ‘forgot to report to police’ in Grantham

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A man on the Sex Offenders’ Register forgot to attend a police station as part of his conditions.

Ruben Da Silva, of Norton Street in Grantham, was put on the Sex Offenders Register whilst living in Lowestoft.

Rob Arthur, defending, said that Da Silva would regularly see officers when living in Suffolk but since coming to Grantham he had only seen the police twice in two years.

Mr Arthur said: “It was an inadvertent slip.

“I’m sure for an annual occasion we have all forgotten someone’s anniversary or birthday.”

Da Silva, 34, was sentenced to a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £50 and a £15 surcharge.

Chair of magistrates Ian McDonnell said: “It is a very serious matter the Sex Offenders’ Register. You should take things like that seriously.

“Your solicitor pointed out we all forget dates but that is one date you should never forget.”