‘She begged me not to kill her as I stabbed her’

Mary Thorpe of Reedings Road Barrowby.
Mary Thorpe of Reedings Road Barrowby.
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A SON who hacked his mother to death in her own bed told police: “she begged me not to kill her, but I just ignored that”.

John Thorpe, 53, was living with his mother in Reedings Road, Barrowby, when he killed her on the morning of March 31.

The knife used in the murder.

The knife used in the murder.

Following his arrest Thorpe said he waited until exactly 6am to carry out the atrocity.

Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, told the court: “The idea of killing his mother developed during the night. He went into the kitchen to collect a huge carving knife.

“He went into the bedroom and engaged her in small talk. While doing so he was watching the time on a digital clock.

“At exactly 6am he produced the knife and attacked her with it.”

John Thorpe killed his mother, Mary Thorpe, at their Barrowby home.

John Thorpe killed his mother, Mary Thorpe, at their Barrowby home.

When asked why he waited until exactly 6am, Thorpe said: “I thought it might be historically significant to know the exact time.”

Thorpe’s attack lasted exactly 24 minutes, he told the police, finally ending at 6.24am. Thorpe said: “624 was part of the registration of the car of a girl I wanted.”

The court heard how Mary Thorpe put up a struggle, suffering superficial wounds to her hands as well as two deep wounds to her chest and back.

Thorpe described to the police how his mother moved across the bed to get away from him, only for him to follow her.

He said: “If she had been as determined to survive as I was to kill her, there would have been more of a struggle.”

He added: “She begged me not to kill her but I just ignored that.”

Thorpe ended his attack by attempting to suffocate his mother with a pillow.

Afterwards, he briefly considered calling an ambulance but decided against it, explaining to police: “That would be a bit inconsistent with my purpose, wouldn’t it?”

After the attack he fled to London where he briefly stayed at the Grosvenor Hotel before travelling to Swansea via Cardiff.

He came to the attention of police after being seen sitting by the side of the road without moving for two hours.

Welsh police officers tried to figure out from Thorpe why he was in Swansea.

Thorpe first told the officers he was working on a new calendar where every month would have 30 days before explaining how he was “forming a new universal language known as Earthlish”.

He eventually admitted what he had done and police officers discovered Mary Thorpe still in her bed at 1.47am on April 2.

Thorpe told police his mother “tormented him by talking to him” but the killing had more to do with his own inner demons.

Thorpe said: “I was trying to find a way of escaping and solving the problems I have.

“Doing something drastic seemed the only possible solution.”

Thorpe, who had a 20-year history of psychotic mental illness following a breakdown in 1990, admitted manslaughter through diminished responsibility at Nottingham Crown Court last month. On Wednesday he was sent to a psychiatric hospital at Arnold Lodge, Leicestershire.

The court was told how the amount of anti-psychotic drugs which Thorpe had been taking had been reduced in 2007.

Mr Aspden said: “Following his arrest the dosage was increased again and there was a marked improvement.”

Prior to his breakdown in 1990, Thorpe had achieved a degree in applied physics and a master of science degree in astrophysics. In 1990 he was studying at the Imperial College, London, for a PHD.

Mrs Justice Macur said: “All doctors in this case agree this was a man with a chronic mental illness at the time he killed his mother.”