Six years jail for brute

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THIS cowardly drug addict will spend Christmas behind bars – after being jailed for six years for mugging an elderly lady.

Clinton Sentance, 30, openly admitted battering 77-year-old Freda Parry just yards from the safety of her Castlegate home.

Such was the ferocity of the worthless brute’s attack that his elderly victim’s face was left in tatters after he pressed his boot into her nose as she lay stricken on the ground.

High on a cocktail of crack cocaine and heroin, as well as lashings of PLANT FOOD – Sentance passed the blame onto his addiction, and claimed no recollection of what he did. He later suggested he was ashamed of what he’d done.

Police snared him after the career crook left his DNA on Freda’s handbag strap, which snapped during the mugging due to the force used in the attack.

Mrs Parry had to spend some time in hospital recovering from her ordeal, and still has nightmares about the night her confidence was shattered for the sake of just £70.

Mrs Parry told the Journal that Sentance’s claim of being ‘ashamed’ of his actions is meaningless.

She said: “He wasn’t ashamed when he dragged me to the floor and put his foot on my face.

“I’m not a nervous person, and I’ve never been nervous of people - but that did put the wind up me. It shows how easily it can happen.”

Judge Sean Morris ordered the six year robbery sentence should run consecutive to his current jail term.

The Judge told Sentance “This was gratuitous violence on an elderly lady.”

Chris Jeyes, defending, said his client was a career drug addict, taking up cannabis at just 10 years old. He said Sentance regrets his behaviour, and is very ashamed.

Sentance is a serving prisoner. His six-year stint will begin when his sentence for burgling an OAP, 89 ends.