‘Sort your drink habit out or forget Marines’

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A MAGISTRATE told a man who admitted assaulting a railway worker that he should not join the Royal Marines until he sorts out his alcohol consumption.

Magistrate Madge Marshall-Brown told Stephen Herd: “We don’t want you running round with a loaded rifle in the Marines if you can’t do anything about your alcohol consumption.”

Herd, of Scotts Farm Road, Surrey, was on his way back from a family reunion on October 21 when he was found smoking on the train, he had no ticket.

Herd, 22, who was hit around the head with a bottle before he got on the train, had had a drink after the reunion went sour.

The wannabe Marine was ejected from the train at Grantham.

Prosecuting Jill Derby said he became abusive and pushed one of the staff in the stomach area in an attempt to get back through the barrier.

Judith Armstrong, defending, said Herd was sorry for his actions and at the time he apologised to the victim who ended up putting his arm around him and calling him ‘a good old boy’.

Herd who is currently unemployed but wants to join the Marines was taken into custody on Monday. His punishment was given as time already served.