‘Stop this dangerous and unnerving behaviour,’ Grantham cyclists warned

Warning to cyclists: keep off the pavements
Warning to cyclists: keep off the pavements
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Lincolnshire Police is warning of the dangers of cycling on the pavement after being notified by an elderly resident in Grantham that people were riding on the footpath in the town centre.

The woman reported that she had seen a number of cyclists using the area of pavement between the Springfield railway bridge and Castlegate on May 13.

Community Inspector Gary Stewart said: “There are clear reasons for why cyclists should not ride on pavements and that, quite simply, is because it is not safe. If a cyclist collides with a pedestrian it can cause real injury to both parties involved, and even anyone else in the area.

“Not only that, it is incredibly frightening for someone walking along a pavement to see a bike coming towards them at any kind of speed. Indeed, the lady who notified the authorities about this was very intimidated and worried for her safety.

“Unless designated otherwise anyone riding a bike should not be on the pavement. Please pay attention to regulation and stop this dangerous and unnerving behaviour.”