‘Stupid’ man tried to steal cash with Pc’s credit cards

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FINDING bank cards and an iPod in the road landed a man with a conditional discharge after he headed straight for the cash point.

Daniel Finney, 29, of Sycamore Court, Grantham, was playing Xbox at a friend’s house on August 3 last year when they heard a loud bang outside.

Stuart Wild, defending, said: “They went outside and saw a car driving off with smoke coming from its wheels. Items were strewn everywhere.”

Finney and his friend found papers, credit cards and an iPod in the road.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “They found the stolen items and cards and thought they would try and use the cards by guessing the pin numbers randomly.”

Finney was captured on CCTV trying to use the cards, which had been stolen from a police officer’s house earlier that evening.

Finney and his friend were arrested for burglary but nothing was found linking them to the original crime.

Mr Wild said: “Police quickly reached the conclusion that they weren’t burglars.

“They found the items, went over to Tesco and put the cash cards into the machine and then attempted to work out the pin number in order to obtain £50.

“There was a one in a million chance.

“They made no gain from it.”

Finney, who admitted the attempt to steal money from the cash point and receiving stolen goods, said he had let himself and his family down.

Mr Wild told the court that Finney should have stayed in the house or just taken the items to the police station.

Magistrate Susan Painter, who sentenced Finney to a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £42.50 costs, said: “This was a really stupid thing to do.

“You had a clean record for so long.

“You were getting everything going for you and then you do something stupid like this.”