Teen’s attack left victim unconscious in the street

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A TEENAGER punched a man unconscious before being tackled to the floor by police.

Kyle Smith, of Walton Gardens, Grantham, punched the victim in the face, knocking him out and leaving him with a cut lip and a gash to the back of the head.

Smith, 18, was on a night out in Westgate, Grantham, at 3.33am when he was spotted by police.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said: “He seemed to be agitated so two officers went over to speak with him. He refused to converse and seemed to be mumbling away to himself.”

Smith then walked away from the policemen and headed straight for a group of five men. He punched one in the face.

Mr Clare said: “Without any prior altercation or argument he threw a single, right-handed, closed-fist punch to the face of the victim.”

The police officers then intervened but the victim was left unconscious for several minutes. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he had a gash to the black of his head glued and stitches to a cut lip.

Bill Fraser, defending, told the court Smith was kicked while on the floor by other members of the public who had crowded round.

Mr Fraser said Smith was adamant that the assault was in retaliation to an earlier unprovoked attack by the victim just five minutes earlier. Smith himself suffered damage to his teeth which he said was caused by an earlier attack by the victim.

The injury to Smith’s mouth meant he was taken straight from the police station to hospital for treatment.

Mr Fraser said: “Mr Smith was on his own and there was no premeditation. Had he been thinking straight he should have said “that’s the man who hit me, can you arrest him?” to the police. Probably because of the drink he had consumed, he was not thinking straight.”

Mr Fraser handed in two references from Smith’s former teachers at King’s School.

Smith was fined £100 and ordered to pay compensation of £100 and £85 in costs, along with a £15 surcharge.

Chairman of magistrates, Mrs Kayberry-Brown, said: “If you are hit by someone then the thing to do is report it to the police.”