Teenager with no money ‘can afford cannabis’

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A TEENAGER who claims to have no money yet “can afford to buy cannabis” was told he will pay towards court costs.

Dario Spencer, 19, was stopped by police in a car in Harrowby Close on June 20, along with two friends.

During a search, ge handed a spliff and two grammes of cannabis to police.

Spencer, of Harrowby Close, admitted the Class B drugs were for his own personal use.

Bill Fraser, defending, told magistrates: “For what it’s worth, I will hand over his statement of means, which essentially says he has no means.”

Spencer, who lives with and is supported by his step-mother, admitted the possession of drugs charge and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

Magistrates decided that Spencer should pay £40 towards the court costs as he “can clearly afford to buy cannabis”.