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A POLICEMAN’S lot is not a happy one, goes the hackneyed saying, and the thin blue line can only get thinner as austerity measures bite.

Just this week Nottinghamshire Police HQ was hamstrung by a strike by civilian staff who are smarting at the prospect of being made compulsorily redundant, through no fault of their own.

On page one of this week’s Journal we read of a disabled man of nearly 60-years-old being punched to the ground after signalling to an erratic driver to slow down.

His baby grandson narrowly avoided being struck by the speeding car. Despite their ordeal, the family were calm enough to dial 999 – they received a visit from an officer two-and-a-half hours later.

On page 11 a mum tells of how her son’s prized possession was pinched from their property. Thanks to a neighbour’s vigilance and her quick-thinking, she called in a good description of a suspect, along with a number plate in the hope that a quick visit from the boys (and girls) in blue would turn up the boy’s bike.

11 days later and Tracey Foister has given up all hope of seeing the bike, and indeed a police officer.

Is this what we can expect from our new ‘streamlined police service, or are these isolated incidents?