Thief steals purse from 100-year-old Mary in Aldi, Grantham

Mary Walker, 100th Birthday. 381D
Mary Walker, 100th Birthday. 381D
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A 100-year-old woman says the person who stole her purse while she was shopping is “despicable”.

Mary Walker, who celebrated her 100th birthday on August 3, was in Aldi on Wednesday last week when the purse was taken from her bag in a shopping trolley.

Mary said: “Who is the despicable person who would steal a 100-year-old woman’s purse which she thought she had safely tucked away in her shopping bag?

“I weep for you having sunk so low.”

Mary had a sum of money in the purse and also her driving licence which she had only just had renewed.

Mary, who lives in Harlaxton, was with her son and his wife. They reported the theft but there has been no sign of the purse.