Thieves steal bee hives and thousands of bees from site near Colsterworth

Bee hives like those stolen near the A151
Bee hives like those stolen near the A151
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Thieves have stolen two bee hives containing thousands of bees from the owner of a commercial honey farm.

Bob Halsey, who owns the Colsterworth Honey Farm, had five hives on the site from where two were stolen at Birkholme on the A151 between Colsterworth and Corby Glen.

Mr Halsey, 55, said: “They must have known what they were doing. The fact that they did not take all five suggests that someone is looking to start beekeeping, rather than someone who already has bees. It’s a very expensive hobby.”

Mr Halsey has kept bees all his life, but only started commercial beekeeping in 2002.

He believes one of the stolen hives contained about 25,000 bees and the other about 12,000.

He said bees, hives and associated equipment are sold at auctions and fetch good money.

He said: “They are my assets. I have done the hard bit, bringing them on from last summer. I was just about to reap the rewards and then someone takes them away from me.”

He also said there have been hives on the Birkholme site for 30 years and there has never been a problem before.

The theft happened between February 23 and March 9. Police want to know if anybody saw the beehives being loaded onto a vehicle or has any relevant information. Contact 101, quoting incident 122 of March 14.