Thieves target lead on the roof of Caythorpe’s church

Caythorpe lead theft
Caythorpe lead theft
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THE church in Caythorpe is the latest to be hit by lead theives.

Roofing was stripped from the porch last week by thieves who aim to sell the metal for its scrap value.

The Rev June Freshney said several churches in the area had already been targetted.

“She said: “There have been thefts at Leadenham and Normanton and now us.

“They’ve done quite a bit of damge to the porch roof.

“They’ve taken part of the roof and left the wooden laths exposed.”

The Rev Freshney said she is in talks with the Diocese of Lincoln to arrange a different covering to used on the roof which has no resale value.

Steel plates can be used instead of lead sheets to maintain the look of the churches without making them a target for criminals.

The Rev Freshney said: “It’s very distressing for the congregation who raise money for the church.”

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