Three-way argument led to lover’s head-butt attack

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A WOMAN “lost her good character” on Wednesday when she admitted headbutting her partner during a three-way argument.

Samantha Selby, of Queen Street, Grantham, attacked Megan Chelton after returning home from work to find her alone with her former partner - a man Selby doesn’t like.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: “Selby became hostile towards the male and then headbutted the victim once, causing immediate pain and making her nauseous.”

Rob Arthur, defending, said the hostilities began when Selby, finishing work early, stopped off for a drink before heading home.

She arrived to find the front door locked and had to knock several times before being let in. Once inside she found the victim with the victim’s ex-partner, with whom she does not get on.

A neighbour described the ensuing row as “heated”. The victim tried to explain to Selby that she was merely discussing an upcoming birthday of one of the children she has with her ex-partner,

Mr Arthur added: “It appears that during the course of the argument things escalated. Selby accepts that there had been an assault on the victim as a result of her becoming frustrated.”

When police arrived at the scene Selby co-operated, accepting that she had “effectively headbutted the claimant.

Arthur said that Selby, 29, had never been before the courts.

He added: “This is an offence that has caused Miss Selby, at her age, to come to the courts for the first time.

“She has lost her good character as a result of this incident.”

Magistrates sentenced Selby to a conditional discharge of 12 months.

Chairman of Magistrates’ Miss Jennings said: “We have taken into account your remorse and the fact it was a single blow and the conditions around this.”

Selby must pay £85 in costs.