Thug attacked security guard

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A former Grantham man who attacked a security guard after his friend was stopped for shoplifting was jailed at Lincoln Crown Court on Friday.

Neil McMillan became aggressive after his friend was caught stealing from Wilkinsons store in Lincoln city centre.

Liz Fell, prosecuting, said McMillan turned on the female security officer, hitting her arm and then grabbing her.

McMillan was restrained but then as he was being placed into a police vehicle he kicked out at PC Joseph Clear striking the officer in the chest.

The 26-year-old was the subject of an ASBO at the time and was also on bail after an incident in Grantham in which he made abusive phone calls to the mother of his ex-partner and threatening harm to her two sons.

McMillan, of Roman Pavement, Lincoln, admitted common assault on October 13, obstructing PC Clear in the execution of his duty and breach of a two year ASBO. He admitted a second breach of the ASBO on April 16 this year by making threatening phone calls.

Judge James Sampson extended McMillan’s ASBO for a further two years and told him “You are clearly an anti-social individual who thinks only of himself. You have been given chance after chance after chance by the courts and you have squandered those chances.”

Chris Milligan, defending, said McMillan suffered from anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder following the murder of his father when he was nine.

He said: “He is a young man who has had a terrible start to life.

“He has struggled through by resorting to alcohol.”