Too many drinks led to a serious assault

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DRINKING spirits and lager caused a man to try and strangle his girlfriend, a court heard.

Simon Carroll, of Cecil Street, Grantham, could not remember much about the incident on April 10 but he did admit the charge of assault by beating.

During the day he was at a family get-together. He does not drink very often, the court was told, but that day he drank beer and spirits. On the way home an argument started with his girlfriend.

Later that night she was in bed when Carroll, 21, went into the room and started saying that she was worthless. He put his hand around her neck and pushed on her windpipe.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said: “He was pushing on her neck and digging his fingers into her neck. She tried to wriggle out of it.”

Carroll then told her that he hated her and pushed her cheeks into her mouth. After a few minutes he left her in the room. She was in the process of ringing the police when he returned.

Ms Stace said: “He brought the index finger of his left hand and did a slicing motion across his neck.”

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said Carroll was remorseful and admitted the charge despite the victim trying to drop the complaint. The case was adjourned for three weeks while a pre-sentence report is prepared.