Trainer prints catch thief who burgled 89-year-old

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A BURGLAR who raided the home of an 89-year-old woman while she lay asleep in bed has been jailed for three years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Clinton Sentance broke into the victim’s home in Grantham after smashing a rear door and grabbing a set of keys.

Rob Townsend, prosecuting, said Sentance searched a number of rooms in the property and entered the woman’s bedroom but fled when he saw her asleep, taking with him a £520 television set.

The woman only realised she had been burgled when she woke the following morning to find the smashed door.

Sentance was arrested the following month on other matters and a pair of his trainers that were seized conclusively matched footprints left at the scene.

Mr Townsend told the court the woman was badly affected by the incident.

He said: “She was very unsettled for a long time afterwards. She now struggles to sleep and is always listening to see if anybody is breaking in.”

Sentance, 30, who is currently a serving prisoner, admitted burglary on August 14 2010. He asked for five similar matters to be considered.

Christopher Milligan, defending, said the offence occurred just two months after Sentance’s partner left him.

He said: “He could not cope with being deserted. He had kept off hard drugs since June 2008. He immediately started taking heroin and cocaine again. Very quickly he became addicted again and had no way of paying for his habit so he went back to crime. He regrets it. He is extremely sorry for what he did.”

Judge Sean Morris ordered Sentance to serve his three-year sentence concurrently with a 29-month jail term he was given at Lincoln Crown Court in September 2010 for burglary.

The judge told Sentance “You are a self-centred and selfish individual who is pathetic.

“You care about yourself more than anybody else. People are often left by their loved ones but they don’t go round burgling old ladies’ houses. This lady has lived to this age only to be burgled by you. People are entitled to regard their homes as their castles.”