Uninsured drink driver gave his friend a lift

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GIVING a friend a lift home landed a man with a 15 month driving ban and a £300 fine after a pub worker reported his drink driving to the police.

Brendan Jablonski, of New Street, Grantham, was found standing in front of the broken down car on August 2.

He admitted having no licence, insurance and being over the drink drive limit.

He told police that the car belonged to the woman, who was drunk in the passenger seat.

He said she had driven to the pub but was too drunk to drive home so he was giving her a lift.

Jablonski, 28, also admitted breaching a community order, which was imposed by the court on February 28 this year.

The district judge imposed a five day programme on Jablonski for the breach.

He was banned from driving for 15 months and also fined £100 for drink driving, £100 for having no insurance. There was no separate penalty for not having a licence.

He was ordered to pay £35 towards costs and £15 victim surcharge.