UPDATE: Neighbours of Barnes family talk about disappearance of Grantham schoolboy Pierre

Pierre Barnes, 12, is pictured with his mother Florence and father Stephen.
Pierre Barnes, 12, is pictured with his mother Florence and father Stephen.
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The Journal has been speaking to neighbours of the Barnes family today about the disappearance of 12-year-old Pierre Barnes.

As reported by the Journal this morning, Pierre went missing on Saturday on Porquerolles island in the south of France.

The youngster had gone on a bike ride alone during a storm and failed to return. Search teams discovered his bicycle and one of his shoes on a coastal path yesterday morning (Sunday).

Neighbours of the family, who live in Barrowby Road, have told the Journal they do not know the family well.

One neighbour told the Journal it is “a shame” the family is going through this ordeal, while another said she often sees parents Stephen, 57, and Florence, 43, coming and going from their home, with their four children, but they keep themselves to themselves.

Mr Barnes, a director of a property company, has been speaking to French television about his son’s disappearance.

He said: “I am certain he went off on an adventure on his bicycle but in the forest all the little tracks look the same.

“He is lost but he is a strong boy and I hope he found a place to sleep where there was not too much wind.

“It’s difficult to say what you can do when you are cold and frightened.”

The family had arrived for their week-long holiday just hours before Pierre disappeared.

The search for the missing boy continues amid worsening weather conditions.