Van driver gets 15 points but keeps licence after being caught speeding on A1 near Grantham

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Proving that he would face exceptional hardship was the only way a delivery driver managed to keep his licence despite now having 15 points.

Jason Townrow, 43, was caught speeding on the A1 at Barrowby Thorns on May 11 and on the A6045 near Bury on June 1.

He admitted both speeding offences but already had nine points on his licence.

Townrow, who already had nine points on his licence, claimed that he thought that the Bury road was a 40mph limit and that is why he was doing 37mph in the 30mph zone.

He added: “I apologise for the offence in Grantham, it was a clear road and I just thought I’d put my foot down a bit, at that time in the morning there’s nothing on the road.”

Townrow, of High Bungay Road, Loddon, Norwich, told the court that he works as a delivery driver and has been driving for the last 15 or 20 years.

He said his wife, step-children, and brother-in-law rely on his income to pay the rent and he provides transport for his family, including his parents.

He added: “I’m the main bread-winner in the family.

“I’ve learnt my lesson. I’d like to add the fact that all the points I’ve been given have been in a van while in employment. We are under a lot of pressure to get to our delivery times.”

Magistrate Graham Harman, giving Townrow a further six pints and fining him £140 plus £43 costs and £15 victim surcharge, said: “This is an awful driving record isn’t it? But on this occasion we find there would be exceptional hardship if we did disqualify you.”