VIDEO: Residents voice their anger in protest at return of Grantham paedophile

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Protesters have voiced their anger and fears after a paedophile returned to their street.

Dozens of residents formed a peaceful protest in Uplands Drive on Sunday afternoon calling for the man, who was convicted of sexual offences in 2001, to move on.

The protesters carried banners, blew whistles and shouted for the man to leave.

Protester Annette Pask said: “He has moved back in with his wife. We do not believe he has any remorse for what he did in the past. People have had 15 years of trying to come to terms with what they have been through. Nobody wants him here. We want some answers as to why he has been allowed to come back. We should be allowed to live in peace.”

Another protester Angela McMillan said: “This is where he committed his crimes at the end of the day and he should not have been allowed back in Grantham.”

Maureen Maddison said: “He is not the victim. Everybody else who has been in contact with him are the victims.”