Village community carer was found in possession of cocaine

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A COMMUNITY carer lost her job after admitting possession of cocaine and cannabis.

Abigail Crabtree of Home Farm Cottages, Bitchfield, was searched by police in South Witham on September 8 and was found to have a rock of cocaine and a quantity of cannabis inside her purse.

Until her arrest, Crabtree, 21, had worked as a carer in the Caythorpe area.

Rob Arthur, defending, said: “From her interview with police, Miss Crabtree indicated she has been smoking cannabis for five years and occasionally using cocaine.”

Mr Arthur said that Crabtree had been a community carer for the past six years, first in the Waltham area and then in Caythorpe.

Since her arrest, Crabtree has been voluntarily attending Addaction to help cope with her use of cannabis.

She is now without a job and in receipt of Job Seekers’ Allowance.

Mark Holmes, prosecuting, said the amount of drugs found on Crabtree indicated it was “clearly for personal use”.

Crabtree was fined £65 for possession of a Class A drug and £35 for possession of a Class B drug.

She was also ordered to pay costs of £40, along with a £35 surcharge. The magistrates ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.