Villager helps police capture four illegal immigrants dropped off in village north of Grantham

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A villager played a vital part in the capture of four alleged illegal immigrants who were dropped off by a lorry in Foston last week.

Tracey Gardner, a parish councillor, was walking to fetch his newspaper on Friday when he noticed a lorry with foreign licence plates pass by.

On his return he came across a group of four Asian men “milling about on the pavement”. In broken English, one asked Mr Gardner how to get to Birmingham.

Mr Gardner told the Journal: “I said the easiest way was to get into Grantham and get a train. Then I rang the police because it all struck me as being quite suspicious.

“I told them to go out of the village and along the A1 so they couldn’t get very far – they would’ve had nowhere to go when the police came.”

However, the men continued to hang around the village, with one talking into a mobile phone.

The police control room call-taker asked Mr Gardner to keep an eye on the group at a distance while a patrol car made its way to the village.

He said: “All of a sudden all four of them jumped up and ran off. One ran towards me and into the village hall gardens and jumped over a fence into back gardens.

“There was one single police officer that turned up. Another three police cars turned up five minutes later and by then the single officer had caught one of them. TThe other three had legged it.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman confirmed that four illegal immigrants were captured and arrested.