Woman spat in the face of a police officer in Grantham

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A woman who had been called a “s**g” spat in the face of a police officer.

Nicola Coggin, of Harrowby Close in Grantham, was with Michael Evans, also of Harrowby Close, as he was arguing in the street with a teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The teen punched Evans, 32, before police officers arrived to separate all three parties.

The arresting officer made a statement in which he said another male at the scene called Coggin a “f***ing s**g” but she turned on him in the belief he had made the remark.

The officer said: “Nicola believed it was me, turned and said ‘don’t call me that’. She then spat directly in my face.”

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said the police officer made candid admissions in his statement, admitting he briefly lost his cool.

Mr Clare said: “The officer said he was thoroughly disgusted and used abusive words to Nicola Coggin out of sheer disgust and frustration.”

Mr Clare said Coggin accepted spitting in the officer’s face but still insisted the officer had called her a name first.

Andrew Coley, defending, said Coggin was acting as a “peace-maker” early in the dispute before officers arrived.

Mr Coley added: “In his statement, somewhat unusually and with commendable honesty, the officer said he did himself use unacceptable language to Miss Coggin but clearly she should not have reacted as she did.

“She heard some quite derogatory language used towards her and believed the police officer was responsible in the heat of the moment.”

Coggin, 35, admitted a public order offence and assaulting a police constable. She was ordered to complete a 12-month supervision order with a drug rehabilitation requirement. She must also pay £100 in compensation to the police officer, a £60 surcharge and £45 in costs.

Evans also admitted a public order offence. He was fined £70. He must also pay a £20 surcharge and £45 in costs.