Woman was punched in the face by man who woke up her children

Raado was found guilty at trial.
Raado was found guilty at trial.
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A CONCERNED mother was punched in the face while trying to quieten down an abusive man.

Adam Raado, of Heathfield Road, Grantham, was shouting in the street towards a woman in an upstairs window in the early hours of March 1 when a neighbour came out and asked him to be quiet as her young children were trying to sleep.

The victim was joined on the street by other women, all trying to get the man to calm down so they and their families could sleep.

But rather than cool down, Raado attacked one of the women.

Jill Derby, prosecuting, said: “Mr Raado threw a single punch which made contact with her left eye socket. She immediately felt pain.”

Raado denied the charge of common assault but was found guilty at his trial on Monday.

Bill Fraser, defending, said: “I cannot go into the facts as Mr Raado still denies the incident took place, however he has accepted his conviction on Monday.”

Magistrates adjourned the case for two weeks for sentencing after being told Raado could not undertake community work because of a medical condition which causes him to blackout. Raado must return in 14 days with proof of his condition from his doctor before he is sentenced.