Current bin system is already perfect

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We are a pretty standard family of four, and we survive quite comfortably on fortnightly bin collections.

In fact, we forgot to put our black bin out on Christmas week, and actually managed to go four weeks between collections, with some extra care on what we threw away.

We do more than fill our grey bin in a fortnight, but an extra white bag or two around our bins is no real hassle.

If a party or birthday creates considerable extra glass or cardboard, the old fashioned Sunday tip run sorts that out.

I’d suggest anyone who is unhappy with fortnightly collections takes a close look at their behaviours and their priorities: if you’re throwing more than one black wheelie bin’s worth of rubbish away in two weeks, you’re wasting money.

And if you think two weeks between bin collections is a hardship, I’d suggest turning on the news and looking at what some other people in the world are going through on a daily basis, and get a little perspective.

Adam mason

Stamford street