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Customer ‘shocked’ by camera in Grantham pub toilets

A recent customer of the Sir Isaac Newton Pub on High Street was “shocked” by a camera in the gentlemen’s toilets.

Derek Bruce, of High Peak, Derbyshire, was visiting the town last week.

He said: “I visited Grantham last week and called in a few pubs. I did have a drink in the Sir Issac Newton pub and whilst I was there I used the men’s toilet.

The camera in the Gentlemen's toilet in the Sir Isaac Newton pub. (30142075)
The camera in the Gentlemen's toilet in the Sir Isaac Newton pub. (30142075)

“Whilst I was using the urinal I noticed a CCTV camera. I was shocked to the point of horror.”

The Information Commission Office, the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, state that: “CCTV should only be used in exceptional circumstances in areas where you normally expect privacy - such as in changing rooms or toilets and should only be used to deal with very serious concerns.

“The operator should make extra effort to ensure that you are aware that cameras are in use.”

Derek continued: “I challenged the bar staff and they were kind enough to show me the TV monitor at the end of the bar, true, the view is screened on that monitor.

“Obviously, I don't trust that the images are secure. I imagine they could be hacked with someone who has the skills and the wish!

“The owners obviously think that a camera in the loo is important for safety and I respect that.I think the public in Grantham should be aware of this risk.”

The Amber Taverns-owned pub responded to Derek’s complaint. They said: “The camera covers the door and the sink only.

“It is not pointing at any cubicles or urinals. It’s not pointing at any mirrors either.

“It is there to monitor customers coming in and out of the toilets.”

The pub has also confirmed that there is signage in place to make customers aware of the camera.

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