Cutest of them all: Meet Grantham’s Cute Kid 2014 winner . . . Oliver-Jay Kian!

Cute Kid 2014 Oliver-Jay Kian.
Cute Kid 2014 Oliver-Jay Kian.
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The proud mum of this year’s Cute Kid 2014 is delighted that others have recognised what she has always known – that her son Oliver-Jay Kian is adorable!

Mother Sophie Kerr decided to enter Oliver-Jay, who turned one on November 2, into the Grantham Journal’s annual competition to find the cutest baby or toddler.

Despite being up against the sweetest faced competition, Oliver-Jay’s proved to be the winning smile as he received the mosts votes from readers.

Both mum Sophie and dad Reece Taylor were thrilled to discover their son was chosen as the cutest from all the entrants.

“I feel very proud. I think he is beautiful,” said Sophie, aged 21, from Tennyson Avenue.

“I decided to enter because I think it is something nice for me to show him when he’s older and that we can look back on and remember.”

Sophie added that she did not expect Oliver-Jay, who is her only child, to win because she thought others might have more money to send lots of text message votes.

Sophie expressed her gratitude to everyone who voted for her baby boy, and also said she was impressed with the quality of the photo which she will now receive on a canvas.

The pictures for the competition were taken in photo sessions held by the Grantham Journal over the summer.

It is not the first time Oliver-Jay’s lovable looks have been noticed, as Sophie added that whenever she takes him out, and particularly to the nearby hairdressers, people are enchanted.

She said: “They say what a nice, lovely baby he is, and not just about how cute he is but in how well-behaved he is too.”