David Burling’s column: No need for me to attend the ‘Tory Tour’ – I’ve heard the spiel

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David Burling, chairman of the Grantham & Stamford Constituency Labour Party, writes:

“I have been writing this column for over a year now, and have covered a number of different areas.

I have highlighted where a difference can be made, and made an argument for an alternative view. I have always been prepared to take criticism head on. This week is no exception.

Councillor Martin Hill responded to my column a couple of weeks ago, calling into question why I didn’t attend the “Tory Tour” featuring himself and the Conservative police commissioner nomination. The answer to his question is that I already know exactly what they were going to say. I have been to enough hustings, question and answer sessions and panel discussions featuring Conservative local politicians to realise most of what they say is inaccurate or misleading.

Coun Hill failed to mention the changes to adult social care that ignored the consultation. Coun Hill failed to recognise the procrastination at the heart of his executive, and the examples of waste that have put pay to his reputation of good governance.

For many, Coun Hill and his administration have many questions to answer on how the county council has prioritised the needs of Grantham and the surrounding area during the last four years. These questions were not answered during the “Tory Tour”, and are unlikely to be answered before the local elections next year.

For my part, I am going to take a chance and throw the doors of the Labour Party open for the people of Grantham. On Tuesday, October 30, I am inviting all to meet and greet some very special Labour Party members and representatives, who work very hard in their communities, giving a voice to the people of Grantham on the issues that really matter. I have also asked a few speakers to come along.Feel free to pop along to the Priory Business Venue, 7 Market Place, Grantham. Doors open at 5.30pm, speakers from 6.30pm.”