Davies’ Thatcher is a Walt Disney character

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Richard Davies evidently sees the Grantham Museum project as a place of Thatcher adoration.

If I go to a Grantham Thatcher exhibition, I’m looking for local interest and fair-minded presentation, not the blantantly partisan ‘Place of Worship’ he clearly has in mind.

Reputable historians must be brought in to oversee the presentation and ensure that all sides of the argument get to be represented, and that everything is enjoyably in context.

There is a story to be told: her upbringing in the corner store, her journey to school - her father insisted that she go to school the long way round to avoid the children of the less well off.

Her evident lifelong dislike of Grantham and its roots in the snub which her Dad, Alderman Roberts, received from Grantham railwaymen [in those days Grantham had locomotive sheds and so on].

There is also the encouragement she received from family friends in the hamlet of Heydour, near Grantham.

Back then, it took a certain amount of guts for a woman and a middle class Methodist to boot, to get taken up by the local Tory grandees and to fight a hopeless seat before being offered something winnable.

Councillor Richard Davies is clearly no Thatcher student. Her fondness for dictators - did she not positively dote over Pinochet, the vile, torturing butcher of Chile on his brief exile here - and her almost deranged hostility to German reunification, right down to refusing the German Chancellor’s home cooking, tells a very different story from the Walt Disney Thatcher that Davies has in mind.

I’m not sure whether the Grantham Museum intends to follow Thatcher’s post-Grantham career, I suppose that is a matter of judgement, but if it does, I shall expect a ‘warts and all’ exhibition.

After all, no Prime Minister before or since was as cruel and wrongheaded as Thatcher, and none so justifiably hated.

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