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Deal or No Deal, Grantham and Stamford voters still want Brexit

Support for Brexit appears to have risen in Grantham and Stamford since the referendum two years ago, according to pollsters YouGov.

However, if given a three-way choice of Remain, a negotiated deal or No Deal, Remain is the most popular choice.

A constituency breakdown of polling results by You Gov, released yesterday, shows Remain supported by 36 per cent of voters in the Grantham & Stamford constituency, Deal supported by 32 per cent and No Deal also supported by 32 per cent.

This compares with the 2016 EU referendum result which showed a 60-40% split in favour of Leave.

The polling organisation then asked voters to order the the options in order of preferences.

Using a system known as Alternative Vote, No Deal would win a second referendum in Grantham.

Using a system known as the Condorcet Method, giving voters just two choices, Deal would be the winner.

Nationally, You Gov added, the country remains evenly divided between Remain and a Deal.

Furthermore, Remain would win a No Deal by 52 to 48% and Deal would win No Deal by 65 to 35%.

The poll follows local campaigning over the Brexit issue and Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles pushing his ‘soft’ Brexit proposals known as Norway Plus.

Grantham and Stamford UKIP were at Grantham market last Saturday and were due at Stamford market today. UKIP want people to sign postcards against the Prime Minister’s deal, which they plan to deliver to Mr Boles.

Earlier this week, the Lincolnshire European Movement released survey data, also from You Gov.

They claimed growing support for a People’s Vote, though this was opposed by 51% of Grantham and Stamford voters, with 49% wanting one.

They also reported a majority preference of voters in the constituency to see free trade as being more important than immigration controls.

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