‘Deceased’ Grantham rock ‘n’ roller Vince Eager walks on stage for successful show

Vince Eager.
Vince Eager.
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Grantham rock ‘n’ roller Vince Eager learned about his own death 10 minutes before going on stage to talk about his illustrious life yesterday.

The entertainer was told by his son, Simon, in his dressing room at the Guildhall Arts Centre just minutes before going on stage for ‘An Audience with Vince Eager’.

Vince, 77, told the Journal that news of his death had appeared on Wikipedia and fans were going on social media to spread the unfortunate ‘news’.

Vince said: “Simon came into the dressing room and said ‘Do you think you are all right to go on?’ He was laughing.

“I think it’s hilarious. How many people get to read their own obituary? The show went on! I was absolutely delighted with it. It’s a long time to be on stage on your own but nobody left! I was extremely pleased with it.”

Simon tweeted later: “Bit awkward when your out on a gig with the old boy and you have to tell him Wiki doesn’t think he should be here!”

Vince Eager with The Vagabonds at the 2i Club in London.

Vince Eager with The Vagabonds at the 2i Club in London.

Vince thinks the mistake may have come from the fact that he learned of the death of record and TV producer Jack Good over the weekend. He thinks somebody got their wires crossed and announced Vince’s death instead on Wikipedia.

Grantham-born Vince, real name Roy Taylor, came to prominence in the late 1950s when he was discovered by impresario Larry Parnes and joined the likes of Billy Fury and Marty Wilde in the Parnes stable. He became a familiar face on TV shows such as Drumbeat. For five years he starred in the West End musical Elvis.

Vince is still doing shows and recording. He now lives in Nottinghamshire.

Any reference to Vince’s ‘death’ has now been removed from his Wikipedia entry.